Kept, A Childhood History Book

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Childhood, A History is a minimalist, non-overwhelming, and beautifully designed "baby book" for moms (and dads) who want to record the most meaningful memories from their child's life. Here are three reasons why we think this book would be great for your shop: #1 There is a strong market for this book - direct sales via our website have been strong year-round and continue to grow #2 Customers love it - the book has 4.9/5 stars and over 200+ reviews & our return rate is <1% #3 We are here for anything you need - this is our family business & we take pride in making sure our customers and shops are happy What makes it unique: - Spans from birth to eighteen years old with a small section on pregnancy - Focuses less on statistics and more on the heart, offering windows into who the child is and who they are becoming - Smyth-sewn binding that will last for generations - All books are printed & bound in the US *we are offering the books for sale in your brick & mortar, but not online
Made in United States