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The Humble Soles - Magnolia Sandals | White Leather | Heirloom Sole

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Ethically Handmade

The Humble Soles are made with genuine leather, with a minimalist yet comfortable style. Created with play in mind, our shoes are truly made for making memories.

As a couple, Gabriel and Ashlyn wanted to create sustainable jobs for artisans in Nicaragua. Inspired by Gabriel's indigenous heritage, each design is crafted with Nicaraguan design in mind.

Our dedication is to help with resources for Gabriel's home country. Artisans are paid a fair wage and part of the proceeds go back to helping Nicaraguan families. Your purchase helps break the cycle and creates sustainability in the lives of Nicaraguans.

This pair is made with our heirloom sole made from leather and rubber.

Magnolia is an original design and one that was dearly loved.  Each petal and hole is hand stamped by our artisans for the delicate details for girls!  Covered in white soft leather to match any outfit for spring and summer.

Design Details

Handmade from 100% genuine leather by Nicaraguan craftsmen. Our artisans have been perfecting their craft for decades!  Our leather is cut, designs are stamped, logo is pressed, and completely pieced together by hand.  Your child will truly be wearing a piece of art that can be passed down as an heirloom, filled with everyday memories.

Sizing Tips

We do not suggest sizing up in our sandals!  They may fit later in season, but not for immediate use.

Visit here for the best tips on sizing!  


Due to our items being handcrafted, there may be slight leather variation or imperfections.