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bibbel bubs - Bubbee Bear

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Make the stories come alive for your child with a Bubbee Bear stuffed animal. 

They will love to snuggle with Bubbee as you read all curl up on the couch to read the bible stories together.  

Bubbee has a secret zipper pouch on his back, perfect for keeping all the bath bomb toys.  Your kid will love to see the final chapter of the book were Bubbee puts all of his toys inside his own stuffed animal bear and be able to do it too!

Bubbee is incredibly snuggly with fur that feels like a well groomed labradoodle.  

Bubbee stands 17.7 inches tall.  The perfect snuggling height for young children.

* this is for Bubbee bear only. Bathbombs and book sold separately.