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Gatling Bubble Blaster

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It's time to get blown away by our revolutionary Gatling Bubble Blaster! The Gatling Bubble Blaster is made of high quality materials and will last for a long amount of time! Stop wasting your money on the cheap bubble blasters, which only last 2 hours. The Gatling Bubble Blaster will last all day and give you hours of fun!

Wanna have fun and get clean at the same time? The Gatling Bubble Blaster is the perfect solution! It comes in a variety of colors to suit your style, and it blasts out bubbles with every pull of the trigger. The set pack is perfect for parties or family gatherings, while the single pack is ideal for children who love bubbles.

The Gatling Bubble Blaster is the perfect toy for any occasion. Whether its a birthday party, family reunion, or pool party, these bubble blasters will provide hours of fun and laughter. These bubble blasters will last for months and are sure to be a hit with adults and children alike. All parts are dishwasher safe so cleanup is a breeze

The Gatling Bubble Blaster is the coolest new toy to hit the market this summer. With upgraded colors, it's the perfect option for kids of all ages. The 48 pack is a set assortment with an even amount (16) of each color and the 24 pack comes with a randomized assortment


  • kids favorite
  • batteries not included
  • requires 3x AA battery
  • bestselling summer product