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GigaPets® - T Rex

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The GigaPets Pixel Puppy is the take-it-anywhere interactive pet that needs your love and attention! This toy challenges you to raise a baby puppy into a healthy, happy adult dog! Just like a real puppy you’ve got to feed them, play with them, clean up after them, even take care of them when they are sick! The happier and healthier your puppy grows the more you will score!

  • 5 x 0.75 x 7
  • The classic toy from the 90's toy is back and better than ever, redesigned and reimagined by the original game designers from the 90s!
  • Totally upgraded! Loaded with brand new animations, graphics, and a larger speaker for clearer and more realistic sounds! This Collector's Edition comes with a battery and features a new glossy, tinted translucent housing shell, upgraded hardware, improved battery life, a low battery warning, and reusable packaging!
  • The pet you care for and care about! GigaPets can go anywhere with the included keychain and are fun for all ages! This game can be a great replacement for or stepping stone to a real pet as they teach kids how to care for a pet and keep them happy and healthy.

From Tangle Creations, for ages 5+ yrs.