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Magical Tale of the Friendship Dreidel-A Chanukah Tradition

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The Magical Tale of the Friendship Dreidel -

A Chanukah Tradition Friendship - is the theme of this magical tale.

32 page illustrated picture book

1 Royal Blue Pouch

1 Dreidel

4 Gelt Coins Storage

Case Instructions on how to play the dreidel Game

This book teaches children the meaning of friendship thru the playing of the dreidel game. That it doesn't matter what a person's religion is - that friendship is based on love and trust. 2 young girls, playing in the snow, find a royal blue pouch with 1 dreidel and 4 gelt coins inside.. As the little girl is teaching her friend how to play the dreidel game - they realize that is doesn’t matter what religion a person is - that friendship was built on love and trust. Includes instructions on how to play the dreidel game and convenient storage case. Hang Tag: Twirl the dreidel - let it spin - to nun or gimbal or hey or shin. Take some gelt, give some, too. You give to me - I give to you….. 1 piece orders available as tester orders

Made in China