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PicassoTiles - 100 Piece Racetrack

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CHILD BRAIN DEVELOPMENT - The 100 Piece Racetrack promotes problem-solving skills, hand-eye coordination, and trains fine motor skills. The racetrack features quick-connect magnetized edges to easily put the pieces together to engineer the architectural structure and design through the laws of physics and the power of magnets. This set comes equipped with 36 columns and 6 slopes to allow the creation of a multi-layered race track to allow the race car to go up and down different levels. In The Box: - 20 quarter round turns - 18 square track tiles - 36 supporting columns - 4 rectangular track tiles - 4 equilateral triangles - 4 Isosceles right triangles - 6 slopes - 2 LED light-up cars - 4 street signposts - 2 quarter round (2 x AA battery per car is required and NOT included)