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Read it! Pray it! Write it! Draw it! Do it! Pre Teen Boy Faith Building Book

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Interactive Journal Challenges Boys to Live Out Their Faith in Real Life!

This fun, interactive journal will help boys grow in their faith. With Bible-related reading, praying, writing, drawing, and doing activities, the pre-teen boys in your life will enjoy the varied prompts. Touching on topics that will enhance a boy's faith, like Praying, Choices, Patience, Courage, Kindness, Character, Friends, Family, Loving Who You Are, Knowing Who God Created You to Be, and more, boys ages 8 to 12 will be encouraged to read a scripture passage (a key Bible passage is included), pray about it (a prayer starter is included), journal their own thoughts (a journal prompt is included), and draw a related picture (a drawing prompt is included). Each topically arranged section wraps up with a related "doing" activity as well—challenging kids to live out their faith in real life!