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Tonies - Clever Tonies Set: Cool Jobs

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Meet Dariana, a curious kid who wants to know what the future holds for her: Where will she work? What kinds of jobs are out there? How do you learn about what these jobs are? In this exciting series, curious kids get answers to all of these questions! Take a cosmic journey through the history of rocket science, get to know pizza in all its flavors, join Dr. Jackie on a day as a doctor, and learn all about the amazing world of wildlife photography. With a mix of history, fun facts and real interviews, this Clever Tonies set is a compact guide for all little job seekers. Engaging, entertaining and educational - learning has never been more fun!

Capturing the Wild (Wildlife Photographer)
In this episode, we’ll get to know the cool job of a wildlife photographer who captures images of animals in their natural habitats. Follow Dariana as she traces the origins of this job in the 19th century, as well as a present day wildlife photographer who recounts the story of her most fascinating shoot. We'll gain a greater appreciation for our planet's wildlife and the creatures that should only be “captured” on film.  

A Passion for Pizza (Pizza Maker)
We all love pizza! But how about the people behind the slice, the pizza makers? Also called “pizzaiolos”, pizza maker is a job with a tomato-rich history and some unexpected acrobatics thrown in. Stay tuned as Dariana meets a famous pizza artist and learns more about the history of the internationally coveted food. Finish off this delicious journey by understanding why pizza making can be a calling. Buon appetito!

A Day as a Doctor (Doctor)
Doctors are the people we turn to if we’re sick or hurt. We also depend on them for our regular check-ups a few times a year. In this engaging and informative episode we get to know a pediatrician as she treats small patients throughout the day. How do you become a doctor? What is the best part about it? And what were doctors like in past times? Dariana gets to the bottom of these questions, and more!

Defying Gravity (Rocket Scientist)
What could be more fascinating than space? Aren’t space shuttles just the coolest? If you agree, then this episode about rocket scientists is just for you! We will dive right into the explosive history of rocket launches, and get to know a real scientist in action. Prepare to blast off into a world with lots of fun facts and exciting stories about space! 

This Tonie teaches kids about:

  • Career exploration 
  • Responsibility 
  • Curiosity 
  • Science